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No Ethnic Majority
The Adventist Church in North America has now entered an era that the United States Census predicts the American profile will look like in 2030. The percentage of whites has declined to about half of the membership, while at the same time there has been significant growth among minority groups.


The number of members reporting that they are multi-racial has doubled in the past two decades. What does multi-racial mean? People who can be clearly identified as belonging to one race or another (can trace at least 75% of their ancestors to the same geographic region associated with a major racial group) would readily report they are from a single race. For example, one might say “I am Irish,” or “I am Korean,” etc. However, anyone with fewer than 75% of their ancestors originating from the same broad geographic region should be considered multi-racial.

Now new generations insist that they be identified as multi-racial or multi-ethnic, where in the past people were willing to choose one (and not acknowledge the others) of the countries from which their ancestors came and name it as their primary heritage.

INNOVATIONewsletter - March 20, 2009