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Contemporary Comments
More than 7,700 people have been enjoying and sharing our weekly commentary on the adult Bible study guides over the past year. This was the exciting news of our week! It’s a simple concept that forms the basis of this resource, but obviously one that resonates with many. We find a news story that illustrates (or sometimes is the antithesis of) the point of the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly for that week. In 300-400 words the writer encapsulates the story and summarizes the theme and key Bible texts. That content is an RSS feed sent around the globe by Tuesday or Wednesday each week.

The most obvious person to use this material is the facilitator or teacher of a Sabbath School (SS) class. SS Superintendents also use this content in their introductory remarks. Even pastors use this content for their sermons, and church bulletin secretaries and newsletter editors use it for their publications. Church Internet webmasters link it directly through RSS feed to their church sites. And these are only the ways we’ve heard of; there may be many more.

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