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Welcome Home Sabbath
People reconnect with your church when you least expect it. That means active members always have to be ready just like the Father was in Luke 15. But sometimes it helps to plan an event or two each year with these persons in mind whom you miss and would love to sit next to again in church. 

The official Welcome Home Sabbath in Adventist churches across North America is November 21, and it’s not too early to be planning for that day. But why not consider a gathering yet this spring or summer as well. Maybe make one or both of them more informal or more active than sitting in a worship service.  

I know of a congregation that brought NASCAR cars onto their parking lot for people to look through and when they advertised the event they made it a special point to invite their inactive members. People came by the thousands and were not only given tours of the cars but also of the church, the adjacent school, and church radio studios, etc. 

I know of another congregation that set up a tent on the lawn next to the church where the inactive members were invited on that Sabbath morning for breakfast and conversation. No pressure was put on returning guests to go to church, but if they saw someone they knew coming in and out of the services it was convenient to say hello. 

There are church sports leagues (where a healthy balance of the team is made up of active & inactive members), and book clubs, and highway trash cleanup teams, and tutoring labs, and limitless possibilities of ways to reconnect with people you know and love with whom you used to share a church experience. 

What may be becoming obvious to you is that friendship is the primary goal and letting that be enough. And if your friends or family come with you to a music concert, or a seminar in the fellowship hall, or an actual worship service, that is icing on the cake so to speak. 

So where do you start? 10 Tips. What have other congregations done that seems to be working well? 8 habits. Should your church select a person who gathers around him or her a team to initiate some Reconnecting Ministries? Yes! And here’s what that team does. Coordinator Description. 

But make your first action one of dropping to your knees. Ask God to give you a heart for missing members. Ask God to forgive you and the others who are active at church for anything you might have done to drive others away. Ask God to abundantly bless the lives of any person or family who come to mind right now. This will be your most important work, because prayer changes us and it raises our awareness for divine appointments. 

And if we can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Contact Us. INNOVATIONewsletter 2.19.2009