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Adventists and the Internet
It's amazing what the Internet delivers. A person can access almost anything in the world from the comfort of his or her home or work place or even while traveling. Use a desktop, laptop or mobile device; it makes no difference.

So how much is the Adventist church using this powerful communication conduit? How many Adventist church members are going online and how speedy is their connection to the Web.
How many congregations have e-mail accounts? What do members use the Internet for and how does that compare with the general public?

Will Adventist printed publications ever be offered only on the Internet? How soon do respondents think this will happen?

If you are a congregation pastor of volunteer leader, this research report will be extremely insightful as you seek to understand the people to whom you minister.

If you are a conference, union or health-care or educational institution administrator or communicator, this research report provides new insights into the trends, attitudes and options of Adventist in North America.

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