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NAD Demographic Profile 2008
By Paul Richardson

Photo: Cíntia Martins
A New Demographic Profile of Seventh-day Adventists in North America

If you are a congregation pastor or volunteer leader, this research report will be extremely insightful as you seek to understand the people to whom you minister.

If you are a conference, union, health-care, or educational institution administrator, this research report provides the Adventist trends you will find in no other place in order to lead your organization well.

  • If the median age of the general population in the United States is 36, and in Canada it's 35, then why is the median age of the million Adventists in North American 51? If the median age reported by the other world divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist church is hovering in the mid 30s, why is the graying of Adventism so pronounced in the North American Division?
  • What is the age profile of Adventists in North America? Is there an increase or decline coming in the enrollment of Adventist elementary schools, academies, and colleges?
  • What are the worship service attendance trends among Adventists in North America? How are people becoming Seventh-day Adventists today?
  • What are the marital status trends among Adventists in North America? How many singles? Never married? Divorced? How does this compare to the U.S. Census?
  • How have the income levels changed since a demographic study was conducted almost two decades ago? What are the occupation trends, and how have they changed over time?
  • What is the percentage of native-born vs. immigrants in Adventist membership, and how has that changed through the years? What is our ethnic mix today?
  • Where do church members live (rural, suburban, urban) and where have they been moving over the past two decades? How does that compare to the U.S. Census data?

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