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Early Years: Our Dozen-Year Anniversary Too
Twelve years ago this weekend, on September 1, 1996, we transitioned from being the Baby Boomer Ministries Resource Center to what we are known as today: Center for Creative Ministry. This reflected our broader vision that we wanted to empower the faith and values of the GenX and Millennial generations as well as that of our generation.

Two of our generational values are creativity and quality, but we couldn’t come up with a name we liked that included quality in it, so we settled on the creative value and put that in our name.

We don’t presume for a moment to be the repository of all creative ministry. In fact, innovators in church ministry often find what we offer to be safe and subdued in comparison to what they are trying. But through the years we have been the early adapter’s friend, providing research, resources, and training to move existing congregations out of well-worn ruts and equip church planters with Adventist resources.

INNOVATIONewsletter, August 28, 2008, Center for Creative Ministry